Facelia (Phacelia tanacetifolia) biological



The Lacy Phacelia is an old, American breeding and popular nectar and pollen source for bumblebees, bees, and butterflies. It has beautiful, lavender-coloured blossoms that bloom until the frost and is not only grown as an annual decorative plant in
the cottage garden but also prefers green manure.

It is an excellent nitrogen feeder and can, thereby, be used for fertilizing as well as for slimming the soil. With the frost, the plants freeze off at the latest. You can, however, also cut off the Lacy Phacelia after the flowering and either leave the clippings laying on the floor as a thick mulch layer, directly work it into the soil, or compost it. Thereby, by rotting, valuable nutrients are given back to the soil. If you like to slim over-fertilized soil, you should remove the clipping.

When working with the plants, it’s to be considered that they can have a slightly skin-irritating effect, like most heliotropes.

You receive lovingly produced seeds from certified European organic agriculture. Of course, MagicGardenSeeds is also certified and regularly proven by the control point: DE-├ľKO-037.

Seeds, content: Approx. 5000 Organic Lacy Phacelia seeds


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