Coffee plant (Coffea arabica)




Coffee is an exotic plant that grows as a small, richly foliate tree or shrub. Out of the white blossoms, red coffee cherries are formed, inside which the coffee bean can be found. Most of the time, the coffee shrub bears fruits for the first time
after 3-5 years. The coffee plant originates from Ethiopia where it grows wildly in forests up to now and is also harvested as wild coffee.

According to traditional Ethiopian preparation, the coffee seeds are roasted in a special iron pan, bruised and, subsequently, ground with a mortar. The coffee powder is then cooked with water and sugar in a crock and drunk out of small bowls. Traditionally, meanwhile, incense is burnt, which scent combines with the coffee flavour. Apart from Arabica, other coffee varieties like Robusto and Kona are also of commercial interest.


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